Tips For New Hunters

If you have ever dreamed about going out and hunting any type of animal, you know that you need to do it in a specific way. Depending on where you live and what season you are in, you will have specific rules that you need to follow. The first is be safe and have equipment that works.

When I started hunting my father took me into the backyard and had me shooting at targets. This made my mom nervous, but I can still recall the memory. I was two and he was talking to be about how to sight a scope. I didn’t really understand but I loved spending time with him and learning the tricks. Here are some tips that I learned from him I still used today.

how to sight a scope

Tip #1 – Know your surroundings

As a hunter it is vital that you know your surroundings. You don’t want to be anywhere that a stray bullet could go into a house or hit another person. Always know the safe zone before you pull the trigger.

Tip #2 – Study your target and wind speed

Before you shoot, study the terrain that you are shooting at to determine if it is windy or funky. You don’t want to have a bullet go out of range because the wind hit my shot in the wrong direction. Always study the wind speed and know what you are shooting at.

Tip #3 – Get a good gun case

You will get more enjoyment off your time spent hunting if you have a good gun case to transport your equipment. If you plan to go out and hunt for days I highly recommend that you invest in a nice hard shell case. I prefer to take my heaviest duty gun case and pack a few extra guns so that I always have the right equipment for what I need.