How To Repair A Textured Ceiling

One of the worst things that I have ever experienced was walking into my apartment after a taking a cruise and finding that my ceiling had caved in because of the air conditioning in the apartment above me leaked. Good thing that I didn’t have anything important in that area, but it did require me to hire a local handyman in nashville, tn to come and fix my textured celling.

What is a textured celling?

A textured ceiling is one that has a raised pattern in it. The texture may be made from several materials, including drywall compound and spackling, plaster of Paris, rubber mats or stucco.

Know when to call for professional help

There are some things that you can repair yourself and there are others that should require a local handyman. If you decide to repair the texture on your ceiling, make sure that you know what you are doing and hire a contractor if it is too complicated or large for an easy DIY job.

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A textured ceiling may be repaired by filling in any cracks with spackling compound or plaster of Paris. Small holes may be patched with latex spackling compound while larger ones will need to be filled with plaster of Paris. Apply several thin layers rather than one thick layer to avoid the appearance of a lumpy texture when it dries. Allow each layer to dry completely before applying another if you choose the plaster of Paris route. This will take a while if you use this material. The plaster of Paris dries slowly and it is best to apply the repair at least a day before painting or hanging anything on the ceiling.

Patching holes and cracks with spackling compound will allow these repairs to take place more quickly, but may result in an underlayment that has a slightly different texture.